My Submission

A Gift

My submission is a gift. It must be earned. I do not and will not give myself to the random hot guy who asks me to come over and be his sub for the night (come over and let me very roughly fuck your and maybe slap you around a bit is how I interpret that). And for some reason it still blows my mind that people expect me to give myself so easily and without even knowing who you are. I’m not that desperate for sex or to be Dominated that I am going to make exceptions or settle for less than I deserve. Just because I am submissive, doesn’t mean I am weak. It doesn’t mean that I have no self-confidence, that I am insecure or that I don’t know my worth.

I am a strong woman. I need more than fancy one liners to excite my mind. I’m not just here for casual sex with men who like to have permission to treat women like shit and who want to fuck any and every woman they can.

You’re gonna have to work for this one. And if you aren’t interested, then I couldn’t really care less. I won’t settle. You are the rule, not the exception. i don’t care how pretty your face is.

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