I grew up in sunny Southern California and was a Catholic school girl; well, for the little amount of time that I went to school. My life seemed perfectly “normal” from the outside, until it wasn’t.

This blog began when I was about 14 years old (26 years ago). I had no idea then that I would some day want to document everything, but I remember everything like it was yesterday.

My greatest hope is to share my experiences and maybe touch a life and help someone make choices different from the ones that I did. To let every woman know that it is not your fault. Whatever it is… whatever causes your internal suffering and any fears or phobias that you have developed and carried into adulthood. None of it is your fault. There is nothing wrong with being “different”. We are not crazy, which is nothing more than a word that men like to use for us when they can no longer handle us.

Read on and I hope that my experiences, as well as knowledge and insight will help you.